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Are Foreclosures on the Rise?

Explaining the truth behind the rise of foreclosure activity.   Have you seen the headlines about foreclosures rising? While they’re technically true, they don’t give you the full picture. Let me share with you the reality. In the video above, there’s a graph that shows even though foreclosure activity has grown, it’s still below pre-pandemic… Read more »

Why Is Everyone Listing Their Homes? 2 Key Reasons

Here are two main reasons why sellers today are listing their homes. Is it time to finally sell your house? To help you decide, think about what’s motivating other sellers and see if those reasons resonate with you.  According to a recent survey, most sellers are listing their homes right now because they want to… Read more »

An Update on the Mortgage Situation

  Speaking with Mark Smith about the mortgage situation.   Today we’re talking mortgage rates and products with Mark Smith, one of my favorite preferred lenders. He’ll explain what is going on with the rates, the market, and what products are available to help buyers.   Feel free to watch the full message above or… Read more »

The Big Differences Between 2010 and Today

Why I’m not worried about the number of foreclosures like I was in 2010. Is there a wave of foreclosures coming to the Columbia area? To answer this, we must look back. In 2010, there were almost 3 million foreclosures. The housing market was in terrible condition and everyone owed more than their homes were… Read more »

Changes in the Local Housing Market

A few changes happening in the Lake Murray area and how they affect you. If you live in the Lake Murray area, there are a few things you should know. I’m here to update you on the market and neighborhood policies.    For the housing market, one great thing is that property values seem to… Read more »

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